Princess Nokia – “For The Night” Video

The tough-as-hell New York rapper Princess Nokia — a woman who once went viral for throwing hot soup at a probably-drunk racist on the subway — is continuing to get more and more publicly vulnerable. Last week, she released her strange and surprising new emo-influenced A Girl Cried Red, a mixtape that features a whole lot more singing than rapping. And earlier this week, at a show in Chicago, she reportedly brought soul singer Jamila Woods to the stage so that the two of them could cover Blink-182’s heart-shattered “I Miss You” together. (I haven’t been able to find video of that online yet. Rest assured we would’ve posted it if I had.)

Today, Princess Nokia has followed up her “Your Eyes Are Bleeding” video with one for “For The Night,” another song from A Girl Cried Red. In this one, from directors Milah Libin and Nokia herself, we see Nokia smoking a blunt, stripping down to her underwear, dancing in a room full of mirrors, and going for a dip.

It’s the most outwardly sexy we’ve ever seen Princess Nokia get. And yet the video still radiates strength and intensity, especially in the way it mixes in footage of her wild live shows, like they’re half-disconnected memories. Check out the video below.

A Girl Cried Red is out now on Rough Trade.