Deerhunter Announce The Double Dream Of Spring Cassette Only Available On Tour

Deerhunter have begun work on the follow-up to their 2015 album Fading Frontier, which has the working title Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? and which frontman Bradford Cox says will be produced by Welsh singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon. But Deerhunter fans might not have to wait that long to hear some new material from their favorite band.

Deerhunter are going on tour with a brand new lineup in a couple of weeks, and they’ve just announced a tour-exclusive cassette called The Double Dream Of Spring. Recorded at Cox’s home in Atlanta and limited to 300 copies, the tape will available only at the band’s upcoming summer tour dates, beginning with their sold-out at show at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere on 5/15.

Deerhunter have a history of unique cassette releases dating back to 2008’s On Platts Eyott Island, a tape limited to 100 copies that was given away at a Deerhunter concert in Atlanta. Check out the tracklist for The Double Dream Of Spring, which is split into two separate parts, below.


Pt. 1:

01 “Clorox Creek Chorus”
02 “Dial’s Metal Patterns”
03 ” “
04 “Strang’s Glacier”

Pt. 2:

05 “The Primitive Baptists”
06 “Denim Opera”
07 “Lilacs In Motor Oil”
08 “Faulkner’s Dance”
09 “How German Is It?”
10 “Serenity 1919 (Ives)”

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