Ty Segall & White Fence – “Good Boy”

Nobody could accuse Ty Segall and White Fence of being unproductive. Earlier this year, Segall released his way-out fuzz-rock opus Freedom’s Goblin. And White Fence — who, under his government name Tim Presley, is one half of the duo DRINKS with Cate Le Bon — released the new DRINKS LP Hippo Lite just last month. And today, Segall and White Fence have announced that they will once again join forces to release a new album called Joy before the summer is over.

This isn’t the first time that Segall and White Fence have teamed up. About six years ago, they released the wiggy collaborative album Hair. Things were different then. Segall and White Fence were both established, to an extent, but they were both parts of the same Bay Area psychedelic garage-rock scene. Both of them are bigger deals now, and they’ve both spent more time exploring their respective voices. But on “Good Boy,” the first single from the new album Joy, they both sound like it’s 2012 again.

On Joy, Segall and White Fence are once again making yelpy, starry-eyed psych-rock — not lo-fi, exactly, but not lush and opulent, either. “Good Boy” is only two minutes long, and yet it has time for multiple drastic vibe switch-ups. Check it out below.

Joy is out 7/20 on Drag City.