Death Grips – “Flies” Video

Death Grips are gearing up to release Year Of The Snitch, their sixth studio album. So far they’ve given us “Streaky” and “Black Paint.” Today they share “Flies,” the second track on the forthcoming LP. “Streaky” was light and danceable, “Black Paint” was heavy and noisy. This new single, perhaps the most enjoyable so far, lies somewhere in between.

Flittering electronic sounds explode into a shallow dubstep drop. From there — in typical Death Grips fashion — the sonics are unpredictable. An electric guitar is among the samples and I think he yells “TOMATO!” at one point. Dark and abstract poetics are tied together by the chorus, “Should the opportunity arise / vomit me flies / flies vomit me.” The video combines clips of Death Grip Stefan Burnett jumping to make it look like he is flying. Watch and listen below.

Year Of The Snitch is out soon.

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