Charli XCX – “5 In The Morning”

Charli XCX hasn’t put out any new music — minus a misguided guest spot on “Girls” — since she dropped Pop 2 back in December, though that mixtape is so good it’s kept us satiated for months. But she’s just released a new song called “5 In The Morning.” Charli debuted the track live earlier this month during the first stop opening for Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour, and now the studio version of the song is out.

It’s hard-hitting and crystalline, an AutoTuned chorus of Charli’s dripping cool. “Funny how wherever I wanna go/ You wanna be there too,” she sings. “Pull up in stone with your clique/ Measure all up on your wrist/ Think you’re the sickest like you got diseases/ But you ain’t got nothing on this.” Does this take place before or after “After The Afterparty“? Or during?

Listen below.

“5 In The Morning” is out now via Atlantic.

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