Kitten – “Pink Champagne” Video

NY-based retro-pop outfit Kitten released their debut album back in 2014. Now, four years and a new lineup later, they’re getting ready to release a new EP, Pink Champagne. Still fronted by Chloe Chaidez, Kitten are revamping their synth-soaked sound with a force that’s been percolating since their first full-length. So far we’ve heard the EP’s lead singles — the glittering, energetic “I Did It!” and the smoky ballad “Strange Embrace” — and today we see the music video for the title track.

The Abigail Tulis-directed video has an ’80s goth vibe with band members sporting all-black outfits and heavy eyeliner. Hot pink paint drips over the screen as the scene transitions to Chaidez in a saran-wrap suit breaking through a sheet of plastic. Other curious images flash in between shots of Kitten playing, like clips of the band housing wine and turkey legs and a black slime motif. Chaidez’s dance moves are almost theatrical; she pumps her body and hits every mark in a way that looks instinctive rather than practiced. See for yourself below.

Pink Champagne is out 6/1 via RED MUSIC.