Gorillaz – “Humility” (Feat. George Benson) & “Lake Zurich”

Despite the fact that Gorillaz’ long-awaited return Humanz arrived just over a year ago, we’ve already been hearing about a quick follow-up since December. The debut of new song “Hollywood” in March suggested things were indeed moving along, and posters dispersed around All Points East festival last weekend hinted that a new Gorillaz LP titled The Now Now would arrive at the end of June. Zane Lowe later confirmed the release info, also mentioning that Damon Albarn would appear on his show to discuss the project and premiere a new song.

Lowe kept his promise today. Albarn stopped by and gave a little preview of the previously-mysterious new album. Calling it a “summer record” compared to the apocalyptically-minded Humanz, Albarn noted that he wrote a lot of The Now Now while touring America and also said that the album only has a couple guest appearances, including jazz/R&B guitarist George Benson and Snoop Dogg. After the features-heavy Humanz, that’s another way in which The Now Now feels reminiscent of The Fall, the more solo-oriented endeavor that quickly succeeded Plastic Beach back in 2010.

Albarn also took the chance to unveil our first preview of The Now Now, “Humility,” the song that features Benson. Compared to nocturnal aesthetic of Humanz, you could certainly call this one summer-y. It finds Albarn in a bright synthpop mood, accompanied by the sort of guitar work that sounds like an aimless cruise along the coast.

In addition, Gorillaz shared another new song called “Lake Zurich,” a mostly instrumental jam built on a funky groove and burbling synths, and a video for “Humility,” featuring the band’s cartoon members hanging out in LA’s Venice Beach. It mostly follows 2-D as he roller-skates around, but Jack Black also shows up to play guitar and mug at the camera, as he does. Check it all out below.


01 “Humility”
02 “Tranz”
03 “Hollywood” (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Jamie Principle)
04 “Kansas”
05 “Sorcererz”
06 “Idaho”
07 “Lake Zurich”
08 “Magic City”
09 “Fire Flies”
10 “One Percent”
11 “Souk Eye”

Always a prolific artist, Albarn also mentioned that the Good, The Bad, & The Queen album he’s been promising for a while is done as well. And he’s working on new music, in Mali and who knows where else. The dude never stops, but it looks like the next year will be a particularly good time to be a fan of Albarn’s.

The Now Now is out 6/29 via Warner Bros. Pre-order it here.