Preview Two New Grimes Songs

In the past month or so, Grimes has taken a vertiginous, surreal, confusing, controversial leap from indie celebrity to actual celebrity. Between that and her apparent recent battles with her label, it has seemed unlikely that she’ll come out with new music anytime soon. (It’s not like she’s been maintaining a brisk release schedule in recent years anyway.) But from the looks of things, Grimes is continuing to work on a new album. Last month, she shared a working tracklist for her next album and described some of the songs. And today, she’s got a couple of previews of two of those songs.

Grimes has chosen a low-tech, lo-res way to share, those previews, simply using her phone to film her computer screen while she plays her demos. Nevertheless, we can get at least some idea of how her new music might sound. And based on what those previews tell us, it sounds like she’s finding some balance between the melodic overdrive of Art Angels and the layered, shimmery wooziness of her earlier work.

Grimes calls one song, which has the working title “adore u (beautiful game),” a “cheesy love song… that i don’t like but everyone else likes.” The other, called “4æm,” is her “ethereal chav jam.” Both sound pretty great! Listen to both below.

We probably shouldn’t hold our collective breath for this new album, but it does seem to be on the way.

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