Grimes Has “A Deep Well Of Shit,” Promises More Consistent Music Releases After Fulfilling Label Contract

The closest thing we’ve gotten to new Grimes music lately is the background vocals and “vibes” she contributed to the new Janelle Monae single. This is a cause of distress for Grimes, who spent the month of February watching her plans to release a new album complicated by some unspecified label machinations.

Two weeks after promising a new LP in “spring but realistically, fall,” she returned with a disappointing update: “welp no music any time soon after all.” Ten days after that, she promised one more “highly collaborative” album for her “shit label” 4AD — an insult she later apologized for — which would sound like “most glorious light,” to be followed by another album released either independently or through a different label, which would amount to “extreme darkness and chaos.”

As NME points out, Claire Boucher has shared some new updates on her plans for new music via an Instagram comment to a fan:

tbh i just took a month off… a lot of insane shit went down and i’m re orienting my whole life bahaha but i think now that im screwing my head back on. can finish fast and i have a deep well of shit this time, like sooooo many songs so after my album i’ll be able to consistently release more music

Obviously we are almost as excited as Grimes about the prospect of new Grimes music; you may recall we named her last release Art Angels the best album of 2015.

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