Grimes Plans “Highly Collaborative” Final Album For Her “Shit Label”

Grimes does not seem to be getting along with her label. A few weeks ago, after a year or so of periodic updates, she shared the very welcome news that the follow-up to 2015’s masterful Art Angels would be out this year, probably in the fall. Unfortunately, that news was quickly followed by some significantly less welcome news: “welp no music any time soon after all music industry is trash,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram caption.

Now she’s returned to social media to offer another update, clarifying that she’s “back in the studio making a million beats” and working on “one final album for my shit label and then my first album on a label of my choosing which im crazy stoked about eeeee. or i might go fully independent, researching options. the second one will be extreme darkness and chaos, the first will be highly collaborative and most glorious light.”

Both of those albums do sound pretty awesome, so hopefully everything will work out just fine. Check out her comments below.

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