Grimes Shares New Song Descriptions And Working Tracklist For New Album

Grimes season is approaching, which means her music will soon eclipse her relationship as the trending topic! Her album updates have been sporadic and uncertain, but last night she confirmed its legitimacy with a working tracklist. Her Instagram story showed titles like “Nymphs At Versailles,” “Darq Souls,” and “adore u (beautiful game).” She wrote, “Working titlez. Subject to change but just so y’all know its real.”

She later asked Twitter which kind of song she should drop first, “Wanna drop song soon ish so wud u pref super dark heavy ballad about fighting balrog in the center of earth that is a sex metaphor or a very not pg13 ethereal shadow of colossus demon nu metal song abt insomnia? not 1st single or indicative of album direction, wuts the vibe?” Her follow-up tweet continues, “or a super lame love song i hate but other ppl dig or an elven take on train spotting soundtrack. those prob 4 main closest to being done rn.” Check out the tweets and her working tracklist below.

[FRESH?] Grimes’ New Album #1; Working Song Titles from r/indieheads

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