Van Dale – “Silver Lining”

Van Dale – “Silver Lining”

Columbus’ resident sludge-pop trio, Van Dale, have just released a live EP, and it’s really good. Last we heard from the three-piece was last year’s tremendous sophomore LP, Of The Valley II. The new recordings, entitled Live From The Valley (NYC, 2017), took place at the Gutter, a bowling alley/venue in Greenpoint on the day before Tom Petty died in September, or so reads the EP’s bandcamp description.

The live sound lends itself well to Van Dale’s sludgy temperament, amping their fuzzed out guitars to new levels of crooked intensity. Tacked onto the end of it is a new studio recording called “Silver Lining.” It starts off fairly demure, with shoegazey strumming and plenty of distortion, reminiscent of early Guided By Voices, before divulging into a moody breakdown with some pretty gorgeous guitar tones. This recording sounds just as blurry and grainy as the EP’s artwork looks; it’s great. Listen to “Silver Living” below.

You can stream or purchase Live From The Valley (NYC, 2017) here.

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