Van Dale – “Wstd On Me”

Van Dale – “Wstd On Me”

We haven’t heard from pop-minded, fuzzed-out Columbus rockers Van Dale since their 2013 self-titled debut, but they’re ready to return this summer with Of The Valley II. It’s preceded by “Wstd On Me,” a hypnotically catchy melancholy lament slathered in sludge. The band explains that it’s about “when someone gives you the utmost benefit of the doubt and faith in you to be decent…and you just fail,” a theme very much in keeping with its slacker-era sound. Listen below.

Singer-guitarist Joe Camerlengo offers some further background on Of The Valley II in a press release:

For the first record, we essentially we came up with these prompts. We used this idea of “Is it Dale? What is Dale? Were we Dale enough?” That’s what we did to rein ourselves in, stay true to the sound. And then for this record, we shifted the language and added a new phrase: The Valley. We would still reference being Dale, but The Valley became like a part of our language. We would ask, ‘Is it Valley enough, are we in the Valley right now?’ It’s like we like created a language to use with your best friend, but neither of you knew how to speak the language.

Of The Valley II is out 6/23 on Old Flame Records and Theory 8 Records. Pre-order it here. Van Dale will play an album release show on 7/8 at Used Kids Records in Columbus.

Van Dale
CREDIT: Mick Martinez

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