Dude York – “What Would You Do If You Had Some Money Now?”

Seattle power-pop trio Dude York are back today with a digital single called “What Would You Do If You Had Some Money Now?” After putting out another loosie last month called “Moon,” which followed 2017’s Sincerely (and don’t forget their album of Christmas originals) the three-piece have been on our radar as they consistently deliver bursts of pop punk greatness.

“WWYDIYHSMN?” doesn’t punch as hard as Dude York’s other grunge-pop tracks but instead settles into a mid-tempo groove and powers forward with infectious riffs and a driving rhythm section. As guitarist/vocalist Peter Richards poses the song’s namesake question over and over again, he annunciates each consonant until the words morph into a kind of vocal percussion of their own. This song’s also got some great one-liners like, “I’m not poor, I’m just always broke,” which succinctly sums up the track’s ethos. Listen below.

You can purchase the digital single here.

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