Devon Welsh – “By The Daylight” Video

Following a few years of silence, Majical Cloudz frontman Devon Welsh has been sharing some new solo material lately. He released the stunning “I’ll Be Your Ladder” in May and “Vampires” last month. Today, he announces his forthcoming album Dream Songs, which comes along with new single.

“I wrote songs but didn’t think about their purpose or about anything at all to do with the music industry or if I would be releasing music in the future,” he says of the music that would eventually become Dream Songs. “I just tried to grow as a person and do some learning.” Welsh’s debut solo LP was recorded and produced by Braids’ Austin Tufts with the intention of bearing an organic sound using “traditional” instruments like guitar, piano, and string quartet.

His new single “By The Daylight” is the album’s opening track, a meditation on nature’s majesty. “If you see an insect/ don’t try to squash it/ things more powerful than you control the actions in your life,” Welsh sings. He expands on the song in a statement: “Life often seems like a catastrophe of one kind or another, events seem out of our control. Sometimes it feels like we’re just swept along in a tide we don’t really understand, and this song is about experiencing that feeling.”

Christopher Honeywell directed the song’s music video, as well as the last two. This one shows Welsh laying in various landscapes. Watch and listen to “By The Daylight” below.

01 “By The Daylight”
02 Summer’s End”
03 “Dreams Have Pushed You Around”
04 “Vision”
05 “Comedian”
06 “Chances”
07 “Vampires”
08 “I’ll Be Your Ladder”
09 “Over The Sky”
10 “Take It Easy”

Dream Songs is out 8/24 via You Are Accepted.