Charli XCX – “Girls Night Out”

The summer of Charli XCX continues. She’s expressed plans to release a new single every month ’til at least October, and the fruits of that plan have been great so far. We got “5 In The Morning” in May and both “Focus” and “No Angel” in June, and today Charli’s unleashing her latest single, “Girls Night Out.”

The song was produced by SOPHIE, and an unfinished version of it has been floating around the web for a couple years now, as part of a treasure chest of unreleased collaborations between Charli and the producer.

“Girls Night Out” is all twinkling metallic clanging and carefree, let-loose energy about a night out with, you guessed it, the girls. (But not those “Girls,” presumably.) “No boys/ No boys/ It’s a girls night out,” Charli sings. Coincidentally, it’s been exactly a year since she released “Boys.”

Listen below.

“Girls Night Out” is out now via Atlantic.