Stream Denzel Curry TAI300

For the past few days, South Florida rapper Denzel Curry has had a fascinating experiment going. He’s got a new album called TAI300, and it’s out today. But Curry structured the album as a sort of triple-EP. He’s divided it up into three parts: Light, Gray, and Dark. He shared the first two parts earlier this week, but now we get to hear the whole thing.

If you’ve been paying attention for the past couple of days, then Dark may well be the part you’ve been anticipating the most. Curry is, after all, a pioneer of the chaotic and sometimes-violent form of South Florida rap that has slowly taken over the underground and even the overground in recent months. He’s good at making music in different modes, but he excels at hard, flickering fight music. Dark features “Percs,” the ridiculously hard early single, and it’s also got an appearance from noise-rap iconoclast JPEGMAFIA.

The whole album hangs together beautifully, and it marks Curry as one of the most exciting creative forces in rap right now. And because of its structure, when you listen to it all the way through, the excitement actually ramps up. Check out the full album below.

TAI300 is out now on Loma Vista.

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