Stream Denzel Curry TAI300: Act 2

Right now, the Florida rapper Denzel Curry is in the process of an interesting project. He’s got a new album called TAI300, and he’s releasing it in three parts. The full album will be out tomorrow, but it’s divided into three parts, and one of those parts is coming out every day. Yesterday, he shared Light, the first chunk of the LP. Today, he’s come out with Gray, the second part.

If Light represented the most optimistic side of his music, Gray plunges him into heavier things. Curry is a pioneer of the bruised, seething South Florida rap style that’s evolved into SoundCloud-rap, and you can hear more of that in the crawling production and stormy sentiments of Gray. J.I.D., easily the most promising rapper on J. Cole’s Dreamville label, shows up for a guest verse, but this is otherwise a solo affair.

Tomorrow, Curry finishes the experiment by sharing Dark, the third part of the album. That should be some shit. In the meantime, you can hear Gray below.

TAI300 is in the process of coming out on Loma Vista.

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