Kanye West Apologizes To Drake For “Any Negative Energy” In Late-Night Tweetstorm

In recent months, things have been frosty between rap titans Kanye West and Drake. Until this summer, West and Drake had been doing some work together, with Drake even doing some writing on West’s album Ye. But then came West’s weekly barrage of June albums, during the same month that Drake was releasing his Scorpion album. And on his West-produced Daytona album, Pusha-T threw a few stray shots at Drake. And then, as we know, it was on.

On his song “Duppy Freestyle,” Drake went after both Pusha and West. And then Pusha released the furious instant-classic dis song “The Story Of Adidon,” announcing to the world that Drake was hiding a child. Soon after, West got on Twitter and said that he was ending the feud. But how do you recover from something like that?

Well, West is trying to do that. On Twitter this morning, he posted an image of Drake onstage at his current show, rapping in front of an enormous scorpion. And he apologized to Drake for a few things, including “stepping on your release date” and not preventing Pusha from sending those stray shots in the first place.

In that same tweetstorm, West says that he and Drake were originally supposed to do “Lift Yourself” — the “scoop di poop” song — together. He also claims that he never listened to either “Duppy Freestyle” or “The Story Of Adidon,” which is just ridiculous. He says that he wasn’t the one who told Pusha about Drake’s child. And he said he’ll be at a Drake show sometime this week to “give love and be inspired.”

Here’s the full tweetstorm:

Timing is everything, and rumor has it that Drake is planning to go after Kanye on a new French Montana collab called “No Stylist.”