Watch Paul McCartney Do A Whole Lot On Fallon + Stream His New Album Egypt Station

Paul McCartney’s new album, Egypt Station, comes out today. This week’s Week In Pop column looked at how it only pretends to be modern pop music, thankfully.

Over the last couple weeks, McCartney has been making the promotional rounds: He went on Carpool Karaoke and got interviewed by Marc Maron and Howard Stern. Last night, he basically took over The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, sitting down for an interview, performing, and participating in a pre-show bit.

In the aforementioned bit, he surprised a bunch of people in the elevator bank at 30 Rock and played an acoustic version of the Beatles’ “Drive My Car.” During the interview segments, he talked about why he won’t make a modern pop album full of singles because Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, he wrote an angry song about Fallon on the fly, and left a voicemail on Fallon’s childhood phone number.

McCartney also had time to perform “Come On To Me,” from his new album. Watch all the Fallon segments and stream Egypt Station below.

Egypt Station is out now via Capitol.