Stream Joey Purp’s New Album QUARTERTHING

Stream Joey Purp’s New Album QUARTERTHING

Joey Purp has long been the hardest, hungriest rapper to come out of Chicago’s SaveMoney crew — the loose collective that seems to encompass all the sharp and self-aware rappers who have come out of Chicago’s after-school freestyle-cypher scene this decade. And today, he follows up his impressive 2016 mixtape iiiDrops with the new album QUARTERTHING. And it is good.

QUARTERTHING is as introspective and thoughtful as any Chicago rap album. But compared to most of what we hear from Purp’s peers like Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa, it’s a whole lot more concerned with being shit that you could play at a party. There are a lot of hard, exciting car-radio bangers here, and there are also few songs that draw on the great Chicago dance-music traditions of house and footwork. The RZA, the GZA, Ravyn Lenae, and Queen Key make guest appearances.

We’ve already posted the early songs “Bag Talk” and “Elastic,” but the whole thing is very much worth hearing. You can stream all of it below.

QUARTERTHING is out now.

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