Stream G Perico’s Guess What? EP

Over the past two years, the South Central Los Angeles G Perico has emerged as a paragon of ’90s-style West Coast G-funk. With his luxuriant hair, his DJ Quik-esque chirp of a voice, and his ability to craft breathless and detailed street-life narratives, Perico can seem like he stepped out of time. But his music is too raw and vital to be considered revivalist pastiche.

Perico had a busy 2017. He released two albums, 2 Tha Left and All Blue, the latter of which was one of the year’s best rap albums. He joined the LA rap supergroup G-Worthy with producer Cardo and Grimes’ brother Jay Worthy. And he built his buzz with some great guest verses. He’s been relatively quiet this year, but he just came out with an impressively hard six-song EP called Guess What?

The new EP finds G Perico in his country zone, talking shit over crispy and efficient post-Mustard beats. It doesn’t have any big guest appearances, which makes sense, since Perico remains an underground figure. But the firs two songs, in particular, slap hard. Perico says he’s got hundreds more songs in the vault, but these new ones should be enough to keep us happy for now. Listen below.

The Guess What? EP is out now on So Way Out.

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