The Distillers – “Man Vs. Magnet” & “Blood In Gutters”

At the beginning of the year, we got the glorious news that the Distillers were getting back together. Brody Dalle’s snarling LA punk marauders have been touring a bit during the intervening months, and now comes the really exciting part: new music!

Today the band has shared a pair of new songs, its first in 15 years. They’re presented in classic single format, as an A-side and B-side. The A is a four-minute crusher called “Man Vs. Magnet” that immediately ignited an intense enthusiasm in me. The B, “Blood In Gutters,” clocks in at about two and a half, and it’s perhaps even catchier and more ferocious. That one is a new version of a Dalle solo track from 2014.

Dalle’s voice is still as remarkable as ever, exploding into the high notes with incendiary force, and the band sounds perfectly in sync in their campaign to bludgeon your eardrums. Both songs strike that perfect balance of pop accessibility and exhilarating rock power. Enjoy them below.