Stream Restorations’ New Album LP5000

Imagine if Japandroids were not fired up. Imagine if they were no longer flush with love of the road, with the exhilaration of drinking new beers and meeting new pretty girls in every town. Imagine if they were older, more beaten down, maybe with wives and kids and mortgages. Imagine they no longer see any future in this rock-tour life but that they’re still doing it because they don’t know what else to do. Imagine if they found ways to channel their anxieties and frustrations into their anthemic rock songs. You are now basically imagining Restorations.

Restorations, from Philadelphia, basically use the same ingredients that Japandroids do — that same combination of grand, majestic heartland-rock melodic catharsis and scrappy, grimy, immediate basement-punk energy. The difference is that Restorations sound like grown-ups. On their new album LP5000, Restorations play big and hard and catchy rock songs. If you’re in the right mood when you hear them, they can fill up your soul the same way Japandroids songs can. But Restorations are singing about things like gentrification and day-job drudgery and, yes, Donald Trump. That darkness comes through in their music.

LP5000 is coming out next week, and we’ve already posted early tracks like “The Red Door” and “Nonbeliever.” And right now, you can stream the whole album at NPR.

LP5000 is out 9/28 on Tiny Engines.

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