Cursive – “It’s Gonna Hurt”

Vitriola, the first Cursive album in six years, deals with our internet-fueled modern predicament of living in a constant state of anger — appropriate subject matter for a heavy rock band that has always sounded like an attempt to cope with dark feelings. So far we’ve heard “Life Savings” and “Under The Rainbow,” and today they’re sharing third single “It’s Gonna Hurt.”

In our interview with frontman Tim Kasher, he cited this song as one of the handful that helped Vitriola cohere into an album, crediting it with “setting the pace for what this dark, moody vibe was going to be.” At five and a half minutes, it’s a foreboding slow-glide that wrings a lot of cinematic power out of Megan Siebe’s cello, ultimately building to a hard-hitting stomp that sounds as painful as the subject matter.

In a press release, Kasher says, “This song is about watching those closest to you as they seem to deliberately self-destruct. How we find it hard to forgive them for it, but also how we carry the blame for it.” That should help you interpret lyrics like this: “You said, ‘Fuck this world, you don’t owe it shit’/ Most nights I’d agree with you/ Never thought you’d really do it.”

Listen below.

Vitriola is out 10/5 on 15 Passenger. Pre-order it here.

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