Cursive – “Life Savings”

Cursive – “Life Savings”

Omaha indie rockers Cursive released their last LP in 2012, a concept album called I Am Gemini. Today, they announce their first album since then, Vitriola, along with its lead single. The new album reunites frontman Tim Kasher, guitarist and vocalist Ted Stevens, and bassist Matt Maginn with founding drummer Clint Schnase and co-producer Mike Mogis, who has also produced for the likes of Bright Eyes and Jenny Lewis.

“Life Savings” sets the despairing tone for what’s to come with its bristling vocals, heavy bass, and angular guitars. In a statement, Kasher says Vitriola was written as a reaction to an ulcer he suffers from due to “all the vitriol seeping into our daily lives.” In an interview at NPR today, he expands on that:

I do feel like the nihilism that lives within me really reared its head on this record. That’s something that, yes, I do attempt to keep at bay, because I prefer to be more positive and open-minded. And this time around I feel like I failed that — maybe I shouldn’t say failed, but I allowed more of that nihilistic belief to seep into the music, which is very upsetting for me. I’m not really doing my part to buoy humanity when I’m just sitting so hard on it, you know? But these are our feelings and that’s the catharsis I ended up choosing. I also hope listeners will experience that as well.

Listen to “Life Savings” below.

01 “Free To Be Or Not To Be You And Me”
02 “Pick Up The Pieces”
03 “It’s Gonna Hurt”
04 “Under The Rainbow”
05 “Remorse”
06 “Ouroboros”
07 “Everending”
08 “Ghost Writer”
09 “Life Savings”
10 “Noble Soldier/Dystopian Lament”

Vitriola is out 10/5 on Cursive’s own 15 Passenger label. Pre-order it here.

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