Watch Kanye West & Teyana Taylor Perform “We Got Love” On SNL

“Love is the new money.” That’s the mantra of the poppy, dance-y, sing-songy track Kanye West and Teyana Taylor performed on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere. It’s called “We Got Love,” and it got left off Taylor’s great, Kanye-produced album K.T.S.E. due to sample clearance issues. Will it instead appear on Yandhi, Kanye’s new album due out tonight? Taylor retweeted a tweet from Riggs of the hip-hop collective Lost Boys Gang suggesting as much.

“We Got Love” — which included the voicemail message Lauryn Hill recorded for K.T.S.E. — followed Yeezy’s first performance of the night, “I Love It,” and was even more barebones — no goofy costumes, just Kanye and Teyana in plain clothes and not a single other thing on stage. It was a major step up from the “I Love It” performance, too, even if it felt more like a listening session than a performance.

Check out footage below.