There’s A New Run The Jewels Song In Venom

There’s a new Run The Jewels song in the new superhero movie Venom. As has become standard with Marvel films — although Venom, the first film in Sony’s Marvel Universe, was technically only made in association with Marvel — it features a post-credits stinger, and that scene features a new RTJ song called “Let’s Go (The Royal We).”

Run The Jewels announced the surprise in a post on their official website today. “Headed to Venom this weekend??” they wrote. “Well if so, put your pistols and fists up in the air because RTJ is headed back to the Marvel Universe! Make sure you stick around for the post credits to hear our latest banger, ‘Let’s Go (The Royal We).'”

El-P and Killer Mike are both big comic book fans, and the people at Marvel are big Run The Jewels fans, having worked the duo’s fist-and-gun hand sign into multiple comic book covers. The Venom soundtrack also features a new song from Eminem, and “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” will be out officially this Friday, 10/12.