Buke And Gase – “Derby” Video

Back in September, indie experimentalists Buke And Gase returned to release back-to-back singles “No Land” and “Pink Boots.” Both seemed to touch on the current age of human ignorance. Today, the Brooklyn duo is officially announcing Scholars, their first proper album since 2013’s General Dome. Along with the announcement comes third single “Derby” and its music video.

“Derby” embraces electronica. It’s a pulsing, slinking loop over which Arone Dyer echoes the line, “Another way/ Will you come back,” morphing it into more of a statement than a question. Aron Sanchez’s percussion cracks and slashes like a whip, and his drumsticks look like spider legs within the video’s mirrored screen. Their teeth glow in the blacklight, and their gazes are mischievous, crazed. It’s got a creepy kind of magic to it.

Watch and listen to “Derby” below and check out the Scholars tracklist.

01 “Stumbler”
02 “Scholars”
03 “Derby”
04 “Pink Boots”
05 “Temporary”
06 “Wrong Side”
07 “Grips”
08 “Qi Ball”
09 “Flock”
10 “Eternity”
11 “No Land”
12 “Ranger”

Scholars is out 1/18 via Brassland.