Bad Bunny – “Mia” (Feat. Drake) Video

You should know who Bad Bunny is. A couple of years ago, the 24-year-old Puerto Rican rapper was working as a supermarket bagger and posting music on SoundCloud. But he blew up virally, becoming one of the stars of the burgeoning Latin trap movement. Earlier this year, he rapped on Cardi B’s #1 single “I Like It.” (He also performed it with her at the American Music Awards earlier this week.) And how he’s got himself a Drake feature.

The new Bad Bunny single is called “Mia,” and it’s a lithe and efficient club track with pretty much no English lyrics. Drake sings the hook. I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t speak on this with any authority, but his Spanish sounds pretty intricate and graceful. And Bad Bunny’s got that cool growl of a voice.

In the video, Drake and Bad Bunny spend time together at a house party where everybody looks good. In the video for his biggest crossover attempt yet, Bad Bunny wears stripy overalls and an Eddie Guerrero T-shirt. He also has a parrot on his shoulder, like a pirate. I approve of all of this. Watch it below.

I’ll just use this space to note that I think Bad Bunny has a really good rap name.

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