New Nirvana – “Give Us More Of Your Money”

The “new” Nirvana disc Sliver: The Best of the Box drops on November 1st. It boasts THREE unreleased tracks, such as “Sappy,” available for streaming below.

Nirvana – “Sappy” (Real Audio Stream)

Nirvana fans born before 1994 might recognize “Sappy” as the hidden track “Verse Chorus Verse” off the 1993 compilation No Alternative.

At least Beck has the decency to make it seem like we are getting our money’s worth by offering a remix album. Maybe people will be more excited about the remixes.

Anyway, it’s annoying that the (maybe) 10 songs worth hearing from Nirvana’s vault are being released so greedily. And for the record, “Sappy” isn’t “previously unreleased.” Sure, it was technically a hidden track (titled “Laundry Room” in some spots), but the hidden track was the duet with a dead rapper of the early 90’s.

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