Homeboy Sandman & Edan – “The Gut” Video

The brainy, hardscrabble NYC rap traditionalist Homeboy Sandman and the psychedelic boom-bap producer Edan have a very good collaborative album called Humble Pi on the way. We spoke to them about it last month, and we’ve shared videos for excellent singles “Grim Seasons” and “#NeverUseTheInternetAgain.” Today they’re sharing another preview from the project before it drops at the end of the week.

“The Gut” is an extremely grimy yet colorful track that finds Homeboy instructing us to trust our instincts over the perspectives we’re bombarded with in this world: “Believe what’s in your gut and not what you see.” Edan even takes a turn on the mic for once, momentarily turning this partnership into a Run The Jewels dealio. The song arrives with a video by Photo Rob that features Sandman and Edan flexing their respective skill sets in a living room that happens to be underwater. There are also some matching yellow jumpsuit shots that evoke iconic imagery from Breaking Bad, but with flippers on each guy’s feet. And for some reason Edan raps in some kind of colonial-era getup.

Watch the video below.

Humble Pi is out 10/26 on Stones Throw. Pre-order it here.