Stream BlocBoy JB’s New Mixtape Don’t Think That

A year ago, the Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB was simply a regional rap figure with a couple of moderately viral tracks to his name. Things have changed. BlocBoy teamed up with Drake for the massive hit “Look Alive” and released his debut album Simi, and his shoot dance has basically become the new dab, showing up everywhere from Fortnite animations to any place where elementary school kids are trying to look cooler than other elementary school kids. He’s also on our Best New Bands list. On top of that, BlocBoy’s preferred producer Tay Keith has enjoyed an even more meteoric rise, becoming Drake’s new favorite collaborator.

Today, BlocBoy came out with his new mixtape Don’t Think That. It’s a decidedly minor effort, only seven songs and 16 minutes. But it’s still another chance to hear BlocBoy’s enthusiastic drawl in action. His enthusiastic drawl transforms garden-variety shit-talk into something much hookier and more alive.

Lil Uzi Vert and Hoodrich Pablo Juan both appear on the mixtape. And if you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest the Tay Keith-produced “Bacc Street Boys.” (I would also encourage BlocBoy to never work with this many non-Tay Keith producers again.) Stream the whole tape below.

The self-released Don’t Think That is out now.

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