Watch Boygenius Play An Incredible “Me & My Dog” On Seth Meyers

You guys already voted this morning, right? If you didn’t, go do that. Call in sick to work if you have to. We’ve got work to do today. If you did — or if you can’t, or if you don’t live in the US — then you deserve something nice this morning. So here’s something nice.

Last month, Boygenius — the team of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, the rare supergroup to really deserve the term “supergroup” — released their stunning self-titled EP. They’re all out on tour together right now, each playing solo and then playing together as a group. They played their first show in Nashville on Sunday night. Last night, they were in New York, and they were the musical guests on Late Night With Seth Meyers. This means that they made their TV debut only a day after playing their first show ever. This should’ve, by rights, made for something awkward. It didn’t. It was awesome.

Together, they played “Me & My Dog,” which would be an EP highlight if all the EP’s tracks weren’t highlights. They crushed it. That’s one of the songs where Phoebe Bridgers sings the lead, and it’s a joy to see her hit those big monster notes at the end of the song. But there’s all sort of great little things in there, too — like how Julien Baker sings far back from the mic to keep her voice from overwhelming the song, or how Baker coaxes those ringing Edge-style effects from her guitar, or how all three get a few seconds to rock out at the end of the song, or how the backing band seems to be mostly women. It all rules, and a lot of it is stuff that we couldn’t really pick up from the fan-made videos of the Nashville show. Watch it below.

The self-titled Boygenius EP is out on Matador.