Stream Dreamcrusher’s Grudge2 EP

The New York-via-Kansas noise artist Dreamcrusher has been around for a while now, making wildly evocative soundscapes out of abrasive textures. Their most recent work has been through Show Me The Body’s Corpus collective — they were featured on the excellent Corpus I mixtape from last year — but they also have a treasure trove of a back catalog dating back over a decade.

Their latest release is the Grudge2 EP, which came out yesterday. One of its five tracks, “Youth Problem,” features vocals from Alice Glass. (Dreamcrusher remixed one of Glass’ solo songs earlier this year.)

The EP opens on a stuttering vocal sample of Katy Perry talking about her mental health and how hard it is to discuss what’s really bothering you. That goes on for about thirty seconds or so, before being cut off by one of Dreamcrusher’s signature staticky, teeth-chattering blasts. The rest of the EP follows suit, alternating between fractured ambience and in-the-red clamor.

Listen below.

Grudge2 is out now.