Stream Florry’s Debut Album Brown Bunny

Stream Florry’s Debut Album Brown Bunny

Philadelphia teen Francie Medosch leads Florry, a recent Band To Watch selection that strikes a pleasing balance between prodigious maturity and twee primitivity. Their debut album Brown Bunny is out this Friday, and we’re pleased to provide an early listen today.

Brown Bunny, titled in honor of Chloë Sevigny’s character in the film of the same name, is billed as an album “about cultivating a sense of self-acceptance in the face of social shame and bullying.” It finds Medosch negotiating her identity in real time, the way all teenagers do, but with a musical depth belied by the lo-fi production. It’s a DIY diamond in the rough that Preists’ Sister Polygon label has helpfully excavated and presented to the world.

The album begins with “Period,” a measured bloom of moody chords played on glimmering slowcore guitar, which Medosch describes as a story about “trying to obtain happiness and femininity while under a cloud of depression and mental instability.” Elsewhere, the buoyant, string-laden “Extracurricular Activities” tackles prostitution and a passage from A Tree Grows In Brooklyn about “the difference between boys and girls.” Medosch deals directly with the complications of life as a young trans woman on scrappy indie-pop excursions like “Please” and “Someone Please Ask Me Out.” Closing track “Kanagawa” may be the best of the bunch, an alternately gorgeous and combustible showcase for Medosch’s guitar work that feels like an aircraft taking flight despite some turbulence along the way.

Such is the story of Florry so far. Medosch has channeled painful and confusing circumstances into a collection of winsome songs with a well-honed personal aesthetic. Dig into the full album below.

Brown Bunny is out 11/23 on Sister Polygon. Pre-order it here.

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