Watch Dave Grohl As The Devil In Kimmel Sketch With Billy Crystal

Dave Grohl and Jimmy Kimmel share a special bond. Grohl once guest-hosted a Halloween episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, while dressed up as Kimmel’s idol David Letterman, while Kimmel was off because his son was getting surgery. Grohl also once gifted Kimmel with a severed head. And on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Grohl had the chance to do a comedy bit with a comedy legend.

On last night’s Kimmel, there was an extended bit where Billy Crystal played God — a version of God dressed, for whatever reason, like a movie executive on vacation in 1992. Halfway through, Grohl appeared as Satan flicking his tongue and playing a flying-V guitar. God and Satan, the sketch goes, are now friends, and they engage in fun activities like playing paper-rock-scissors for Ted Cruz’s soul.

As a sketch comic, Dave Grohl has very good facial expressions. He does not, however, have very good comic timing, and I’m pretty sure he blew that paper-rock-scissors bit. Watch it all happen below.

There is a non-zero chance that those two will end up hosting the Oscars together in a few months.