Watch Dave Grohl Give Jimmy Kimmel A Severed Dave Grohl Head

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel missed a bunch of episodes of his late-night show while his infant son was getting surgery, and a parade of celebrities filled in for him as guest hosts. One of those celebrities was Dave Grohl, who hosted the Halloween show. Grohl did the show dressed up as David Letterman, and he performed with musical guest Alice Cooper, who did a bit where he cult Grohl’s head off. Last night, Grohl returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live — as a guest, not as a performer or a guest host — and he gave Kimmel his own severed head as a gift. Kimmel’s reaction: “I think I’m gonna give this to my mom.”

Grohl turns out to be a pretty great late-night guest. He’s talkative and personable, and he’s got stories. On the show, he told Kimmel all about the one time he got to jam with Prince, covering Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” in an empty arena. And he wore an ABBA shirt, telling Kimmel that he is absolutely not too cool to like ABBA, as if anyone was worried that he would be.

Grohl talked about a few of the endeavors he’s got going on. He spoke about Play, the new documentary where he plays a 23-minute instrumental live on seven different instruments. (The problem, it turned out, was piano, since Grohl doesn’t play piano.) And he also talked a bit about CalJam, the one-day festival in San Bernadino that the Foo Fighters curate and that’s turning out to be an annual thing. Watch the interview below.

CalJam goes down 10/6 at Glen Helen Regional Park And Festival Grounds, and it features Foo Fighters alongside Iggy Pop, Tenacious D, Garbage, and a bunch of other bands.