Robin Pecknold Shares New Fleet Foxes Demos On Instagram

Back in late 2016, before Fleet Foxes had officially announced their third album Crack-Up, frontman Robin Pecknold was already teasing the band’s fourth LP, saying it wasn’t written yet but would be out “within 24 months of LP3 according to contract.” Given that Crack-Up dropped in June of 2017, that means we should be expecting a new Fleet Foxes album by June of this year. Then again, Pecknold also said he’d be releasing a low-stakes solo album between the two Fleet Foxes records, and that hasn’t materialized, so who knows what kind of timeline adjustments might have taken place since then. However, we can be sure that Pecknold is hard at work on new music because he shared a bunch of promising new demos online last night.

Just before the calendar ticked over into 2019, Pecknold posted a series of audio clips to Instagram with the caption, “Forward ! (Very very demos happy new year).” Although the language suggests these are works in progress, they sound fully realized and gorgeous to me. It’s hard to judge based on mere fragments, but these strike me as slightly more immediate than the slow-burn epics that comprised Crack-Up. However they’re contextualized, we’ll be eager to hear the final products. What a pleasant way to begin the year, with a reminder that Fleet Foxes may have a new album on the way.

In the meantime, check out those demos below, and revisit our feature interview with Pecknold here.

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Forward ! (Very very demos happy new year)

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