Robin Pecknold’s Already Teasing Fleet Foxes LP4

Fleet Foxes’ long-awaited third album, which is probably called Ylajali and possibly arriving via Nonesuch, hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but frontman Robin Pecknold is already teasing their next album. Pecknold is exceedingly forthcoming on social media, giving his followers little glimpses into the band’s creative process, candidly answering fan questions, and occasionally getting into a lively discussion of Japanese postwar literature, and while responding to a comment on one of his Instagram posts, he recently revealed some plans for another new album.

He says that LP4 will be out “within 24 months of LP3 according to contract,” and that it’s “not written at all, everything has gone into LP3, but a solo album is pretty written and will be working on 4 as soon as 3 is done.” That solo album, which Pecknold refers to as “SO casual, not trying to stir the pot with that at all,” will presumably be out in between the two contractually obligated Fleet Fox albums.

LP4 moodboard

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