Karen O – “Anti-Lullaby”

Karen O – “Anti-Lullaby”

Aside from reunion shows and a reissue of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ debut album Fever To Tell, Karen O has been focusing on her solo material for the past several years, a fruitful pursuit that has caught attention from top record producers, Italian composers, and French fashion houses. Last year, she released “Yo! My Saint” along with a short film by the luxury brand Kenzo. She and Danger Mouse are gearing up to share their collaborative album, Lux Prima. Now, Karen O brings her talents to television with “Anti-Lullaby,” a track featured in the upcoming Amazon Prime Original series HANNA.

As its title suggests, the song is a short, ominous lullaby. Karen O’s soft voice swirls over an acoustic guitar: “Do not sleep / She waits for you to sleep / My breath, you breathe / It will carry you.” The single art is a disturbing image of a baby’s fist. I’m guessing it belongs to the baby who goes missing in the HANNA trailer, which you can watch below.

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