Here Is Vampire Weekend’s Father Of The Bride Album Artwork, Or Close To It

This morning, Vampire Weekend returned with their first new songs in six years. Ezra Koenig has been making the interview rounds, from NPR to Beats 1, and in a new Rolling Stone feature he talks a bit about the album artwork and how he was afraid that what he had chosen three years ago was too similar to Kanye West’s current Twitter avatar.

It doesn’t take much deduction to piece together that the rotating globe graphic that shows up at the end of both YouTube streams of “Harmony Hall” and “2021” is indeed the album artwork for Father Of The Bride. See above. Of course, we don’t know exactly where that rotation will land on for its final iteration, but considering Koenig’s proclivity for African music, I’d say that continent is a good bet.

Elsewhere in the interview, he also mentions another track name, “Sunflower” (perhaps the “s” in the second round of song drops) that he noted had the same name as Post Malone’s recent chart-topping single.

Go to the end of this video to see the Father Of The Bride artwork in motion:

UPDATE: Ezra Koenig says “not quite” and “close tho.” So which part of the globe is it instead, buddy?