Rivers Cuomo Still Hasn’t Watched SNL’s Weezer Sketch, But Is “Almost Sexually Aroused Looking At Spreadsheets”

Weezer truly won’t go away! They just released a surprise album of covers and, almost three decades on, Rivers Cuomo is still hamming it up for the media. In a new interview with The New York Times Magazine, he talks about his internet presence, which exists mostly via his Twitter account, where he really leans into a middle-aged dude desperately clinging for relevance. (But, hey, he’s back on the charts now.)

Cuomo says that most of the stuff on his Twitter isn’t actually sent by him. He says that the only social media he keeps up with is his Snapchat account. “As for the rest of my social media, it’s 100 percent sincere and reflecting how I’m feeling at the time, but probably only 20 percent of it is literally from me,” he said in the interview. He says that he puts what he wants to say into a program that tweets out randomly three times a day.

Cuomo also says that his “new passion is computer programming.” He continues: “I’ve been writing a program to generate our set lists for our tour with the Pixies. I get almost sexually aroused looking at spreadsheets.”

He also insists that he still hasn’t seen the Saturday Night Live sketch that the show aired about Weezer fans back in December. When asked again about the tweet he sent about it, he said: “I’m sure that would be my reaction if I did see it.”