Watch A Charismatic-As-Hell Lizzo Perform “Juice” On The Tonight Show

The Minneapolis-based human party machine Lizzo has been building up her chops for years now, cranking out under-the-radar hits that end up set to movie end credits and turning festival crowds into sweaty morasses. She seems poised for something bigger. This spring, it’s looking more and more like her moment will arrive.

Lizzo is a couple of months away from releasing her new album Cuz I Love You. First single “Juice” is an absolute disco jam, and she knows how to perform it. She showed that on Ellen last month, and last night, she also brought it to The Tonight Show, where she gave one hell of a performance.

Lizzo showed towering levels of charm on The Tonight Show, doing a heavily choreographed take on “Juice” and absolutely owning her moment. Some highlights: The moment where the flute riff from Van McCoy’s “The Hustle” suddenly dropped in, the bit toward the end of the song where Lizzo became a human disco ball, and the ad-libbed line directed at The Tonight Show’s host: “Hold up, Jimmy, please don’t make me have to take your bitch.” The audience cheered after almost every line, which is something I’m not sure I’ve ever seen on a late-night performance below. Watch it all happen below.

Cuz I Love You is out 4/19 on Warner Bros.