A Star Is Born Returning To Theaters With 12 More Minutes Of Footage And A New Song

Tell me something, boy! OK, since you asked… A Star Is Born is returning to theaters for a week-long run starting this Friday, and it’ll include 12 more minutes of footage and a new song, “Clover.”

According The Hollywood Reporter, the extended cut of A Star Is Born will hit more than 1,150 features and most of the new parts have to do with its music: There will be extended performances of “Black Eyes” and “Alibi” and Ally’s peas-in-hand parking lot rendition “Shallow,” plus new clips of her singing “Is That Alright?” and Cooper singing “Too Far Gone.”

Entertainment Weekly has a clip of the new song “Clover,” which Ally and Jackson Maine seemingly just bang out on stage right before their Coachella set? Seems casual.

Even though A Star Is Born sort of whiffed it at the Oscars — sorry, Bradley, you really did try — “Shallow” picked up the Best Original Song award and we got a deliciously sensual performance between Gaga and Cooper.

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