Stream Blithe Field’s New Album Ward Unbending

It’s been a bit since the last proper Spencer Radcliffe album, 2017’s Enjoy The Great Outdoors, but the Chicago-based musician has been far from inactive. Over the last year and change, he’s put out an EP with updated takes on older songs, a live album on which he covered both Mathew Lee Cothran and Erik Phillips, and he also released Days Drift By, a full-length from his instrumental project Blithe Field.

Today, he’s releasing another Blithe Field album — this one’s called Ward Unbending, and it’s filled with his usual heady blend of horns and organs and warm ambience. Radcliffe taps into a sort of gorgeously unmoored spirituality with his instrumental music, and that’s no different here. Early standouts include the beautifully brassy “White Orb” and the jammy “Shattered Vile,” but, as always it’s all worth a spin.

Radcliffe is also going on tour soon. Check out those dates and listen to Ward Unbending below.

03/15 Los Angeles, CA @ The Rec Center
03/16 Encino, CA @ Public Pool Space
03/17 Fresno, CA @ La Maison Kabob
03/19 Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club
03/20 Redding, CA @ Fratelli’s Pizza
03/22 San Diego, CA @ Title TK
03/23 Tucson, AZ @ Baja Audio Heads Association
03/27 Dallas, TX @ Onion Dome
03/28 Jackson, MS @ Sneaky Beans
03/29 Nashville, TN @ BW Gallery
03/30 Atlanta, GA @ Mother
03/31 Athens, GA @ house show
04/01 Knoxville, TN @ TBA
04/02 Richmond, VA @ Mushroom Gorge
04/03 Baltimore, MD @ Sicily’s
04/04 Philadelphia, PA @ Sin Bucket
04/05 New York, NY @ Park Church Co-op
04/07 Boston, MA @ Trixie’s Palace
04/08 Burlington, VT @ The Hive On Pine
04/09 Rochester, NY @ Small World Books
04/10 Columbus, OH @ The Summit
04/11 Grand Rapids, MI @ Snake Shack
04/12 Chicago, IL @ Hungry Brain

Ward Unbending is out now.