Blithe Field – “RD 1″ & “Love Knot”

When Spencer Radcliffe’s not releasing music under his own name — most recently with last year’s Enjoy The Great Outdoors — he puts out instrumentals as Blithe Field. His most recent was 2016’s Face Always Towards The Sun, and he’s following that up with a new full-length collection called Days Drift By next month.

To start off, Radcliffe’s shared two tracks from it that seem like polar opposites. The first, “RD 1,” is all pretty strings and warm keys, a deep exhalation and a calming respite. It’s followed by “Love Knot,” a longer and pricklier composition — glitchy and skittering, it builds up over the course of 7 minutes into something really magnificent. They’re both beautiful in their own way, and you can listen to both below.

01 “Prelude”
02 “Bubbling Cauldron”
03 “RD 1″
04 “Love Knot”
05 “Grotto”
06 “Clouds Roll In”
07 “Racing Back”
08 “Perseus”
09 “Time & Temperature”
10 “Farewell To Darker Days”

Days Drift By is out 4/6 via Joy Void Recordings. Pre-order it here.