Krill Regroup As Obstacle (UPDATE: Now They’re Knot)

Krill called it quits back in 2015. Since playing their final show at the now-defunct Brooklyn DIY venue Silent Barn, the cultishly beloved Boston indie rock band have released one EP of songs recorded prior to the split and played a one-off reunion set opening for LVL UP’s farewell show. And now they’re getting back together…sort of.

In the first post on the band’s official Facebook page in over a year, Krill explain that they’re now in a new band called Obstacle and they’re playing the album release show for Brooklyn DIY band Patio next month:


1. we are in a new band called Obstacle with our good friend joe

2. we are blessed to play Patio’s release on april 5th (event below)

3. if ya wana play a show with us, email us at
[email protected]

4. no offense, but we have no recorded music

ever cherishing,

Obstacle, Obstacle, Obstacle forever!

UPDATE: Knot forever.

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