Stream Angel Du$t’s New Album Pretty Buff

You know what’s really fun? When hardcore guys play music that isn’t hardcore. That’s what’s happening on the new Angel Du$t album. Angel Du$t is a band whose members mostly come from two absolutely huge Baltimore-reared hardcore bands, Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice. And on their first couple of albums, Angel Du$t made a version of hardcore that pulled in melodic elements from classic-rock radio. But that’s not happening anymore. Angel Du$t are now making full-on classic rock, and it’s awesome.

Today, Angel Du$t release their new album Pretty Buff, their third overall and their first for big new label Roadrunner. We’ve already posted a few of the album’s songs: “Big Ass Love,” “Take Away The Pain,” “Bang My Drum,” “On My Way.” Those songs give you a pretty good idea of what you’re getting on Pretty Buff — Big and strummy riffs, classic pop-pop hooks, shimmering harmonies, a general overall sense that it’s the last day of school before summer 1979 starts and you and your buddies are about to go kick some shit up.

Pretty Buff reminds me a lot of the two albums that permanently underrated Philly classic-rock hooksmiths Free Energy cranked out in the first half of this decade. Once upon a time, I would’ve put real money on Free Energy becoming huge, and I’m still puzzled as to why that didn’t happen. (That shit ruled.) Pretty Buff has that same kind of vibe, except that the people playing it are hardcore dudes, so there’s a sense of muscle and velocity to everything even though it is very clearly not mosh music. I love this album. Maybe you will, too! It’s streaming below.

Pretty Buff is out now on Roadrunner.