Foxes In Fiction – “Ontario Sunshine Pt. 3″ (Feat. Emily Yacina)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Warren Hildebrand’s Foxes In Fiction project — his last proper album was 2014’s Ontario Gothic, though there have been some stray one-offs and a rarity compilation along the way — but today he’s returned with a new track, “Ontario Sunshine Pt. 3.”

It’s not from his upcoming album, though it does seem to have some connection to it, judging by this tracklist Hildebrand shared a little bit ago. “Ontario Sunshine Pt. 3″ features vocals from Emily Yacina, who bleeds seamlessly into the song’s gorgeous backdrop of drifting guitars and balmy haze.

Listen below.

“Ontario Sunshine Pt. 3″ is out now.